Implementing jqGrid

Does anyone know how to implement jqGrid (a jQuery plugin) with

I have an independent cfm the works properly.

But, when I try to incorporate this cfm into the ColdBox framework -
it fails.

Yes, I can elaborate more.

However, it was my goal to first get ahold of someone that knew how to impliment jqGrid. Thanks for replying - you win … :slight_smile:


  • I have tried ( what seems like a million ways - and for 3 days ) to get jqGrid to work.
  • I have a cfm ( seperate non-ColdBox site ) that loads the jqGrid perfect.
  • Now, in my ColdBox site, I created a handler/view.
  • Within this view I put the orig. code from the working cfm. I also moved all the support files over to the ColdBox site. I also made sure they linked up proper.


  • The grids top shows with the proper css theme.
  • The pager shows with the proper css theme.
  • The grid loads no data. No info. Not even the red “box” that says “loading”.


  • The URL to the cfc is referenced the same way the js and css files are.
  • The code works perfect outside ColdBox.
  • I suspect that the URL reference within the jqGrid js function is not triggering properly.

Any thoughts?

Excellent questions.
I am using firebug.

Give me a few and I will post it and the link

Mr. Griefer,

Sorry for the delay.

I need to take it off the commercial server and put it on my laptop - then configure my laptop as a temporary "server’ (for this purpose).

Mr. Griefer,

I need to amend the previous emails “working” address.

I accidentally posted the local address - not the web address.

The address to the working cfm is

Sorry for the mishap.

Enjoy and let me know as soon as you can plz.

Mr. Griefer,

As to the "referencing" of the js - I couldn't figure any other way to
do it. It seems that when I just used the file names, it kept
referencing the js that ColdBox uses.

After "linking" them the way you see - they started to loaded
properly ... kind of (as you can see).

At any rate - I solved my issue by getting a "skeleton" frame work for
data-grids and wrote my own plugin. Took all afternoon - but, it's

Thank you for your time and effort.

- Russell

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