Inject the ClientStorage Plugin

How do I inject the ClientService Plugin? Currently, I am using this
property name="ClientStorage" inject="coldbox:plugin:ClientStorage";

But, it is throwing an error:
Error building: MyServiceObject -> Variable CLIENTSTORAGE is
undefined. with constructor arguments....

Must be something simple I am missing?

You will need to define this in wireBox because clientStorage requires an argument (controller) to be passed in, which is why you are getting that error.

So in the config directory you will need to do something like this

.initArg(name=“controller”, dsl=“ColdBox”);

No the dsl is fine. Reinit the fw for metadata changes to take effect

The dsl is fine. Just reinit the fw for the metadata to refresh

Luis are you saying that if a CFC being injected takes an argument in the init method, we don’t need to write a map in wireBox.cfc?

I know I had troubles with that in the past, which is why I did it the way I posted. Or is this another thing that has changed in CB3.1?