install coldbox verion

Sorry for not being able to find this on my own, but how does one install a particular (older) version of Coldbox from the command line? I saw in the docs:
install coldbox@3.8.1

but that states that it only works if the older version is already in your artifacts folder.

Since Forgebox only allows for a single version of a package right now you’ll always just get the latest version. If you specify a version AND it’s in your artifacts cache, there are no HTTP calls made to ForgeBox at all and you just install whatever was in your artifacts.

Now that we have Git support, an easier way to install an older version of ColdBox would be to target the tag on GitHub. Older versions don’t have a box.json, so you’ll need to specify the install directory as well.

install coldbox/coldbox-platform#v3.8.1 coldbox



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ColdBox Platform:

Perfect… much thx!