Installation coldbox on the existant site

I have a standard coldfusion site, I would like to install Coldbox above, but unfortunately I can not do a refactoring of code at once, so I’d like to know if it is possible to have the old system and framework all without losing the session or application of the old system



i dont understand what youre asking. can you further explain the issue?

Hi Marc. I don’t see why not. Cold box can be installed alongside applications and leverage the index.cfm for operation or in a subfolder and share scopes

You can certainly do this. The first option is to put the ColdBox portion of the site in its own sub folder where its Application.cfc will insulate it from the rest of the site. The second option is to convert your legacy site’s Application.cfm to Application.cfc (if necessary) and put it right there in the root.

The magic is in the onRequestStart() method. You can control with that if statement which requests will get processed by ColdBox. The rest will just fall through and execute normally. Then you can slowly convert over the parts of your site that you want. I recenlty converted my blog over to use ContentBox CMS (which runs on top of ColdBox). I had a bunch of old legacy .cfm pages laying around that I didn’t want to break links for. I set it up so ColdBox only gets invoked when the “index.cfm” in the web root is being hit. On all other requests, the processColdBoxRequest() doesn’t run.

Also, keep in mind that ColdBox allows for implicit event dispatch which means you can have a nice pretty SES route that uses all the ColdBox request lifecycle points, and just includes your legacy .cfm file as a view with no handlers defined. All you need to do is update your links to run through ColdBox.



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