Installation Error

Hi group,

I started setting up a copy of BBox last night - hit a couple of issues to do with mappings and the fact I was running CF9.0.0 rather than 9.0.1, Upgrade is now in place but I’ve now got an error and not really sure how to handle it.

Error is :-

Application Execution ExceptionError Type: Expression : [N/A]

Error Messages: Element BBSETTINGS.BB_SITE_LAYOUT is undefined in PRC.

Tag Context:
LINE: 29
Template: D:…\BlogBox\modules\blogbox-ui\interceptors\BBRequest.cfc

Sounds like a configuration issue which I’ll have a look at tonight but thought it best to throw it to the group and see what’s what.


The db is created but has not content. The installer is still pending. You have to use the manual data SQL files for now

Yeah having data kind of helps :-).

Thanks Luis that’s me up and running now. Looking good so far.