Integrating Gadets & Gizmos in to content


Actually i like to learn, how i add special stuff, like slideshows, tab control for content and other fancy stuff into a page. I recently visited Luis page, which looks really great and fancy. And unlike a standardised CMS, every page looks different.

I played around with the Content Store, which allows to add any HTML stuff to page. Very nice. I will use that for static things, like a slideshow for the startpage.
If some content needs logic behind it, i go for a module.

Is this the right way?

@Luis: How did use solve the layout for the


Hi Martin–

Glad you like it :slight_smile:

I’ll let Luis (and hopefully Bill!) chime in with more details. However, the site is mostly one page that has several pageIncludes on it. So we’re able to create ContentBox pages for each “section” of the site (sessions, speakers, etc), but then simply include them on the one main page.

The Speaker and Sessions details are using the ContentStore for each item (e.g., Brad’s bio, Luis’ bio, the ORM Session, etc). There are some custom widgets that pull in the data, transform it into the right HTML, and render it to that section of the site.

And then, of course, is Bill and Luis’ CSS magic behind the scenes to bring it all together and make it look great on all devices :slight_smile:

What’s cool, I think, is that this showcases just how flexible ContentBox can be. Whether you want a “standard” site or a one-page marketing site with multiple content sections, it’s all possible.


Pretty much all that Joel Said. I am thinking maybe of doing a Contentbox connection with the team to show how we built the site, so we can showcase all the different approaches to build it. Including custom layouts, modules and widgets.


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I like the idea seeing this as a showcase in the next ContentBox connection. I’m sure, that other people might be interested to see this too.

Yesterday night i build a slideshow with a Content Store snippet, which works great. Integrating tab control, or a kind of an accordion based content will be a bit more difficult.

But first of all, i needs to overhaul ckeditor’s configuration to achive my formatings and styles.

Many thanks

Hi Martin–

What kind of things are you needing/wanting to do in CKEditor?

Hi Joel

The module CKTemplates gave me the idea to do something similar for the CSS Framework i use. Having some content templates is a cool thing.
I also have to change the way if a image was inserted into the content: I need to add CSS classes for the float of the image.