Integrating Model-Glue applications into ColdBox framework.

I’m looking at how we could re-use existing Model-Glue:Unity components in ColdBox. The reason being it takes time and therefore money to refactor applications.
We want to use ColdBox as the main framework, but are restricted from moving over wholesale by a lack of coldbox specific functionality that we have working perfectly well as Model-Glue components. If we can get these components working from within ColdBox, then that makes it an easier jump to make and we can refactor components as we go rather than as a potentially massive up front cost.

Before I go down the investigative route of building this myself, I wondered if a) someone had done this already and if they could share their experience or b) anyone had any thoughts on how I might approach this.

In terms of how I might approach this my initial thought is to perhaps package up the model-glue applications as ColdBox modules and some how write an interceptor that says “Hey this is a MG module. Send it their way” and that is about as far as I’ve got.

Any thoughts?? Anyone done anything similar?



Stephen I think you are on the right path. That was my first though, package a module and have an interceptor that loads and fires the mg events.

I would be willing to help on this if you open source it.

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