Integration of Isomorphic's SmartClient

Hello dear potential fellow COLDBOXers !

I would potentially like to integrate the client- as well as the
server-side Java SmartClient Framework - -
into the Coldfusion ColdBox Framework ! For instance to leverage the
Security Mechanism of the ColdBox Framework for SmartClient security,
too; because SmartClient provides hooks and integration strategies for
security, but leverages no authentication mechanism out of the box ...

One MAY leverage the SmartClient client-side JavaScript Framework
only; and provide the backend with Coldfusion/ColdBox; but the
existing server-side Java SmartClient Framework seems to provide so
much additional value out of the box, that it does make sense to offer
its use as a (start) option !

SmartClient requests are all routed through one central servlet:
IDACall; unfortunately, I am not yet knowledgeable wrt Coldfusion/
ColdBox and Java/J2EE/Servlets/Security ... Do You think You can raise
interest within the Coldfusion/ColdBox community for a security-aware
SmartClient integration ? If it is posssible at all and does make
sense ?

One helpful deployment link:

Another route for me would be to choose a (J2EE) authentication
mechanism (JAAS perhaps ?) and try to add the missing security stuff
to the server-side Java Smartclient Framework myself ...

But I can imagine that the Coldfusion/ColdBox Framework and the Java/
Smartclient Framework can happily coexist ! And that adding
comprehensive security on this route to Smartclient could be perhaps
the easier/more powerful/better route !

Some more words about Isomorphic's SmartClient -
A mature, decently thought-through Ajax UI Widget Framework; it also
offers a tightly integrated Java-based server-side framework; and a
GWT version called "SmartGWT"; a central SmartClient concept is the
"DataSource", which is used for domain modeling; and which is
leveraged for the client- as well as the server-side. They claim that
one gains much additional value when going with their server-side Java
Framework !

TIA for all Your replies !

Cheers and Tschüss

Kai (Tischler) from Northrhine-Westfalia in Germany