Interceptor not firing - certainly i misconfigured something

Hi, i played around a little bit with the sample loggin application. i
have setup this interceptor:

  public void function preProcess(event,struct interceptdata){
    var rc = Event.getCollection();
    var loggingIn = false;
    var oSession = getPlugin("SessionStorage");
    if(event.getCurrentEvent() == "General.doLogin"){
      loggingIn = true;
    if((!oSession.exists("loggedin") or !oSession.getVar("loggedin"))
and !loggingIn){
      getPlugin("MessageBox").setMessage("warning", "Benutzersitzung
wurde verloren. Bitte neu anmelden.");

my session timeouts fast
<cfset this.sessionTimeout = createTimeSpan(0,0,1,0)>

This is my form (shorted)
<form name="loginform" action="#event.buildLink('general.doLogin')#"

and this is the event (shorted)
  public void function doLogin(event){
    var rc = event.getCollection();
    if(!event.valueExists("username") or !
      UserService =
      User = UserService.getUser(rc.username,rc.password); //returns
an object or false
Benutzername oder Passwort.")


I can login but when the session timesout and i i refresh the site
I get an Exception: No matching Method/Function for
String.GETINSTANCE() found
caused by this line
<td><p>Willkommen zurück

Of course, the session is dead, there is no User object anymore. But
why does the interceptor not intercept :wink: