interceptor onReInit

I am trying to use the interceptor guide to setup a basic function to
fire when the application reinits to clear the cbstorage container. I
am pretty new to CB 3.0 and I am having a hard time locating how to
accomplish this, and was wondering if any fellow experts could code
share a sample configuration I could use to build off of.

i will continue to trial and error this, but was hoping there may be a
few basic examples out there

thank you everyone,


At a high level, you want to create a custom interceptor, declare it in your settings, and target the “preReinit” interception point.

  1. Declare your customer interceptor in your interceptor settings so that it gets loaded. Just an example, not copy and paste ready code.

{class = “mybasedirectorymapping…interceptors.chrisCustomInterceptor”},

  1. Target “preReinit” to have something happen right before a reinit takes place. Example for the chrisCustomInterceptor.cfc interceptor.

// Do something
  • Gabriel