interceptor with nested properties in coldbox.cfc

Can someone give me a quick example of an interceptor entry using the new coldbox.cfc where the interceptor has additional properties to declare? I think a great example to use would be the sidebar interceptor’s config entry since it has a lot of properties, some whose values are arrays.

So, what would the following look like as a coldbox.cfc entry:

50 false 15 500 250 [ {"desc":"LOG OUT","href":"index.cfm?event=security.logout"} ,{"desc":"ColdBox API","href":"http:\/\/[](\/api\/"} ,{"desc":"ColdBox SideBar Help","href":"http:\/\/[](\/coldbox\/trac.cgi\/wiki\/cbSideBar"} ,{"desc":"ColdBox Credits","href":"http:\/\/[](\/coldbox\/trac.cgi\/wiki\/cbCredits"} ]



The code below is working for me. Basically,

1. The whole thing is a struct with "class" and "properties" keys
2. The "properties" key is also a struct
3. The "links" sub key becomes an array of structs with "desc" and "href" keys

I tried to paste into pastebin but the whitespace was way off. So I
hope sending it by email is at least decent in appearance.

- Gabriel

Thanks! That’s exactly what i needed. :slight_smile:

You guys like the new programmatic approach? It is so much more
flexible now. Also configuring logbox is soo much nicer

Yeah, it's really slick.

One, love less XML.
Two, more complex settings like queries, arrays, and structs are a breeze.
Three, if I need to get funky, it's just a component so manipulating
the data is much more flexible

My first love, as a concept, is the private request scope. But this
implementation is so clean and sexy that the concept is growing into
my top 5.

- Gabriel