Interceptors - Registering with specific events

Hi group,

We’ve finding more and more with our Interceptors that we’re only wanting to run these on specific events or handlers.

At the moment we’re adding in “blacklist” and “whitelist” properties into the configuration.

Something like this:- whiteList=",login,finance.index",

So this Inteceptor is only run by events in the login handler and the Finance.index event.

I’m now about to write our 3id Interceptor that uses the same technique so my question(s) - are we reinventing the wheel by doing this? Is there something built in to Interceptors already that I’ve maybe missed in the docs?



There is an eventPattern annotation you can use to fire interceptors based only on certain events.

Curt Gratz
Computer Know How

Ahh I knew that was something just screaming to be in there :-).

Thanks a lot Curt for the quick reply I’ll give it a go