Interesting bug when saving duplicate entry with ORMService

I don’t think this is a ColdBox problem, but I am asking here to see if anyone has any suggestions to get around this, or even what the problem is.

try {

var objUser =‘User’);

ORMService.populate(target = objUser, memento=rc);

var validationResults = ValidationService.validate(objUser);

if(!validationResults.hasErrors()) {, true);


return validationResults.getErrors();


catch(Any e) {

if (e.message contains ‘could not insert’) {

return [‘Duplicate Entry’];

} else {




In the catch I am checking to see what the specific error might be, so in this case I am checking to see if it is a duplicate entry. Now the return array works, but it seems that the exception is continuing further on because it is again throwing the message somewhere else. I have no clues where to even look at this stage, I am almost thinking that the error is being captured here, and again when the request is flushed.


Andrew Scott