Interesting bug with ColdFusion and Application.cfc

I am posting this here, because this affects ColdBox too. Not in its current form, but with something that I had written some time ago.

If you missed my rants on conventions recently, then this might not make sense to you.

What I wrote a few years ago was the ability to modify the cfclocation in the Application.cfc so that when a module was added or removed, the cfclocation would not have to manually be changed. I had this working for some time, until I moved ColdBox out of the web root and did a per application mapping.

Now if you did not read my rants on conventions just recently, then you would not know that I was asking for some conventions so that this would also work no matter what you made your directory for ORM entities. The basis of this work, was that it would look at the directory structure and find all directories named domain in each module directory and create the cfclocation in application.cfc, and I used the name domain because there is currently no convention for domain models / entities.

However I discovered two interesting bugs as you can see for yourself here

I have raised this as a bug, because I had been trying for the last few months, to work a way into incorporating this into ColdBox. The benefits would be huge, because a developer would be able to create a module using the named convention. And ColdBox would then automatically setup your cfclocations for you, but as you can see I hit a snag. Otherwise I was able to get it to work without a problem.

The only problem was trying to convince people on the need for these new conventions, and why they would be important.

Anyway I have filed a bug for this, bug #87280 with Adobe so I would appreciate that if you see the benefits of why this should be fixed then I would encourage you to vote for this bug.

Luis, and the rest of the ColdBox team, I hope you can see the benefit I what I am trying to do as well.