Intermittent Error "Element VIEWPATH is undefined in VIEWLOCATIONS"

Not using CacheBox
CF9.01 on Win 2008

Im getting quite a few of these. Intermittent on the live site and
hard to reproduce.

I have code like this
  <div id="narrowSideBar">

Any ideas?

Are you doing a framework reinit when this error appears?


I have same exact issue.

Looking at the time stamps they are clumped together so this could be
the case. They are a few fwreinit on the urls at about that time too.

Last night, I updated servers to 3.1 and I’ve seen this same error. Have not debugged yet.

It does appear to be occurring during, or near, a reinit.


Makes sense then. I would guess that the fw isn’t ready yet and someone hits a page, thus throwing this error.


Yes, and that would be normal as your view discovery caching is now lost since you reinited.

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is this fixed in 3.1?

Luis said it’s fixed in 3.5 beta of you read the complete thread.

Jason Durham

i didnt read the complete thread. thanks.