intermittent problem IOC IInjector

I need some help, sometimes I had this problem with Coldbox Core functions in production,

The following information is meant for the website developer for debugging purposes.

Error Occurred While Processing Request

Data type mismatch.

The setParent function does not specify the same data type for the injector argument in the coldbox.system.ioc.Injector ColdFusion component and the coldbox.system.ioc.IInjector ColdFusion interface.

my wireBox in Coldbox.cfc is simple

//WireBox Integration
wireBox = {
enabled = true,

it is a intermittent problem and to solve I have to restart Coldfusion Services.

This is my coldbox configuration,

Thanks in advance!

Ricardo, it seems you are not running 9.01 ColdFusion. I know the version you are on has very buggy stuff with interfaces. I suggest you patch your ColdFusion installation.

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