Intuitive New App Creation: Copy/Paste and Rename; BUT: does NOT work

If I'm not in error, there are three ways to create new ColdBox Apps:
- Ant Task (build.xml; cannot find it easily ...; have to investigate
- DashBoard (have to investigate further)
- Copy/Paste and Rename an existing ColdBox App: For a beginning the
most intuitive ColdBox App Creation method to me ! So I have copied/
pasted and renamed the 'SuperSimple' ColdBox Template App; BUT:
Whereas the original 'SuperSimple' App runs like a charm, the newly
created 'SuperSimple' Clone App does NOT: A 'Template Not Found Error'
is encountered ...

So please allow me to ask without further investigation: When using
the 'Intuitive New App Creation: Copy/Paste and Rename' method: What
else does one have to do in order to make the newly created app run
smoothly ?

Hello Verlsnake,

Three things to check:

  1. Make sure you have renamed the “” setting in your application.cfc
  2. Make sure you have renamed the “appName” setting in the ColdBox configuration file (CFC or XML)
  3. If you are running more than one ColdBox application on your server (which it sounds like you are in this instance because you have one working and another not) make sure that your “ColdFusion Administrator > Caching > Cache Component Paths” is unchecked. This may be the issue that you are having.

Aaron Greenlee

Hello Aaron !

Thanks for Your advice ! In this case the erroneous behaviour was
however due to other issues: Though I had not declared any mappings in
Railo, the templates were searched for in a second ColdBox
installation; which resided out of the Railo webroot; and in which I
had NOT copied/pasted and renamed any ColdBox App ... Since I'm just
testdriving Coldbox on Railo/TomCat, I did a Railo re-installation;
and now a copied/pasted and renamed ColdBox App runs like expected ...
Perhaps there was somewhere a former mapping buried that led Railo to
a ColdBox installation I was not actively editing in ... I now try to
have only ONE ColdBox installation in order to avoid unnecessary
issues ...

Cheers and Tschüss