Is CB right for me?

I had been looking into Joomla when someone suggested CB. I watched the intro video with the guy zipping around adding stuff, but I’m not sure whether or not it will have what I need. I didn’t see a big library of add-ons and such. I need to make a site with the usual fun stuff (News, blog, etc.) but I’m also trying to get in a knowledge base and FAQ’s. From a security standpoint, I need to be able to set employee access to add/modify, customer access to certain areas, and try to keep competitors from poking around. I don’t have any background in programming languages so it can’t be too complicated where I need to write scripting. Ultimately I want a simple, clean looking site with the features I’ve mentioned. So can I get all of that from this?


Yes and no. CB’s strength is that it’s an awesome CMS for those with ColdBox/ColdFusion experience. You can install it and have a great site without ever touching the code, but it lacks the ecosystem of plugins like you mentioned. In your situation, I wouldn’t even do Joomla or Drupal, I’d go with WordPress, as there’s a ton of themes, plugins, and hosting options available.

Good to know. I started poking around the Joomla demo 2.5 with hopes of getting into version 3 in a year or so mainly because version 3 is supposed to include mobile devices. I’m not sure WP has that, but I’ll take another look at it. Thanks!

Hmmm. Do you want to learn programming? If you say no and all you want is a front facing website, I’d suggest WordPress. I hope that doesn’t get me excommunicated from the list…

I would also humbly suggest that we are in the age of custom software…whether you develop it yourself or hire someone else to do it, custom software is the way to go. Developing business processes and codifying them into custom software no longer takes boatloads of money. It was not too long ago (maybe five years), if you wanted to develop cloud based custom software with mobile, internet connected devises, you would be well into the millions. The playground of companies like FedEx and UPS.

It is not the case today. Most of your employees already have mobile internet connected devises and custom software has never been easier to develop.

Early adopters will gain great competitive advantage and everyone else will adopt at some later point in time in order to survive or they won’t survive.

If you think you might be an early adopter of custom software, coldfusion is a good way to go and ColdBox (which is the framework ContentBox is written with) is an excellent, scalable framework for Coldfusion. So, in that case, ContentBox would be a great way to start.


PS sorry if this reply is sacrilege, I really like ContentBox and ColdBox and intend to make both a cornerstone of my own development.

Checkout WPTouch for WordPress.

I think we all agree that ContentBox fills a void in the CMS space, rather than being a replacement in all use cases.

Billy Cravens

Thanks for the information. I only started looking into CMS solutions a couple of days ago so my head is spinning with all the choices out there. Someone I know spoke highly of CB, but he’s obviously a lot more talented than I lol.