Is CommandBox required for ColdBox to work

I have used ColdBox in the past on a limited basis. I have never been the one to make sure it is working only completing code that works in the framework.

I am now attempting to set up a new site and have down loaded both CommandBox and ColdBox. I have created a site using CommandBox and started the server and everything works fine. But there is a download for ColdBox bundle and I unzip that into another test directory where the ColdFusion 11 server is working. If I go to the it only shows the directory but does not start the site.

Is CommandBox required for ColdBox to work?
Why is there a Coldbox bundle download that does not mention the need for CommandBox?


CommandBox is not required to use Coldbox. You can run Coldbox on any CFML server: Railo, Lucee, ACF, etc. Since you have CF 11 installed, you will l have to use the web server (assuming you have the connector implemented) or the standalone CF server to view that site.

Commandbox is simply a binary application that includes an embedded server - which changes the port with each new server started. If you install Commandbox globally ( e.g. mine is in /usr/local/sbin ), you can use that binary from anywhere on your system.


How to I get the ColdFusion standalone to work with Coldbox. When I try to go to the site I get the following error.

Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface

Well, first things first-- is the CFC “” available in your app’s lookup locations based on the folder structure and mappings? (I’m guessing no).

You haven’t given us enough info to answer that for you at this point. You did mention a URL localhost/testsite. Where is the ColdBox framework in relation to that? If it’s in the testsite folder and you haven’t created a CF mapping, that could be your issue. Your app can live in a subfolder, but you’ll either need to install Coldbox in the web root or add a mapping. If you want to do the latter, I’d recommend adding it in your Application.cfc like so:

this.mappings[ ‘/coldbox’ ] = “/testsite/coldbox”;

Of course keep in mind I’m just guessing right now. If you have the Coldbox framework installed elsewhere, you’ll need to adjust your configuration accordingly.



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Sorry for not providing enough information but yes the coldbox install resides in the testsite directory which is in the wwwroot. It was created using CommandBox. the rest of the error reads. I have created an iis site an used the wsconfig and that did not work nor using the mapping you suggested in the application cfc.

I have created an iis site an used the wsconfig

Whether or not you use IIS has no bearing on this. In fact, you’re probably just introducing more variables to confuse. I’d get it working with the internal web server before messing with IIS.

that did not work

Explain. What is the code you used? What error did you receive?



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Maybe I can make this a little easier. I have used Commandbox on a Mac with Lucee to create a site called test. I am getting a similar error.

invalid component definition, can’t find component [coldbox.system.web.Controller]

The Error Occurred in
/Users/dutchlab/Documents/lucee- line 69

67: }
68: // Create Brand New Controller
69: application[ appKey ] = new coldbox.system.web.Controller( COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH, appKey );
70: // Setup the Framework And Application
71: application[ appKey ].getLoaderService().loadApplication( COLDBOX_CONFIG_FILE, COLDBOX_APP_MAPPING );

Dumping the param COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH in the Bootstrap.cfc after it is set gives this path.


The structure of the coldbox install done with CommandBox put coldbox directly under testsite.

Why can’t coldbox.system.web.Controller be found? it is there in this stated path.