Issue w/ CF2016 not starting

Hi gang,

Having trouble getting CommandBox to launch Adobe CF 2016, hoping you can help me out.

The setup is like so:

CommandBox 3.8
OSX 10.11.6
Java 8 update 151

box.json installs a few dependencies, that all works fine.

The server.json file looks like so:

When I do “server start”, it will attempt to launch the server. I see the icon appear in my system tray for maybe 2 seconds, then it vanishes. In the server log, I get the message I’ve pasted in below.

Switching to cfengine=adobe@11 works fine.

I’ve deleted all my adobe artifacts and tried re-downloading everything again, same problem.

Any ideas?


Starting - port:8080 stop-port:51815 warpath:file:/ProjectStuff/legacy-cfml-to-mvc-training/
context: / - version: 3.6.0
web-dirs: /ProjectStuff/legacy-cfml-to-mvc-training
Log Directory: /Users/nolanerck/.CommandBox/server/86C630E45A756B39768BF371F3466BAF-legacy-cfml-to-mvc/adobe-2016.0.05.303689/logs