Issue with onInvalidEvent Setting

Well, I thought I had this issue fixed a really long time ago, but it is now occurring again. Perhaps a fresh set of eyes will help determine the cause and the fix.

This issue occurs on every single project/application I am running, all of which are using SES on ColdBox 2.6.3.

Using SES formatting (yes, I know you’re not suppose to use SES formatting… keep reading):

If I go to an existing handler, but a bad action the invalid event fires perfectly. YAY! :slight_smile:

However, if I go to a non-existent handler, the following exception is thrown…

“Could not find the ColdFusion Component or Interface handlers.main/pageNotFound.”

BOO! :frowning:

Using standard {handler}.{action} formatting:

If I go to *a valid handler, but an invalid action", I get redirected to, which results in the default view being displayed. BOO! :frowning:

However, if I go to a non-existent handler, the onInvalidEvent fires properly, displaying the custom 404 message. YAY! :slight_smile:

Is anyone else experiencing this? Can anyone see something ridiculously simple that I am overlooking?

Thanks in advance,


Matt I thinks this was logged as a bug and fixed on 3.0 but not dully completed

Hmmmm, well, I cannot run on 3.0 yet. I attempted to do so right before heading on vacation, and it was not a good thing.

Where should I look in 2.6.x to fix the issue? I have looked through the RequestService, HandlerService, and the RequestContext, but nothing jumped out at me as being obvious.

Matt maybe you could handle the error using an interceptor using onException?


About where to find invalidevent:stuff

Check handlerService, somewhere line 126