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hi guys,

I already saved my javascript file in JAVASCRIPT folder and CSS file in CSS folder. Now issue is i don’t know how include in my view file…

We have our current application running NON-MVC Environment. Now Im trying to shift on Coldbox environment.

Currently Code:


CSS3 dropdown menu
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    please give me example : how can i use existing scripts in Coldbox Environment.

    • Amir -

You can include javascript and CSS files in your views and or layouts the exact same way you always have with a script tag.

If you want to get fancy, you can use the HTML Helper, but that’s not a requirement.

Also, if you want to combine/minify your files, you can do that with the JSMIn Compressor



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Thanks Brad, let me try thanks …:slight_smile:

just remember that its relative to the root of the application.