JDBC Commit Error

Is there someone I can pay to help me resolve this error below?

I’ve emailed this several times to the ColdBox Group and the Railo Group. Both groups tell me its the other parties’ issue.

I am having this happen more and more frequently lately.

The problem that makes this issue difficult to pin-point is that its completely random. The majority of the time, the site runs perfectly but every so often it creates an error like below.

I’ve tried adjusting every possible Application.cfc ORM setting and nothing appears to fix the issue. I can tell you that if I wrap a Save ORM statement inside of a cfthread, the error happens about 30% of the time. For example, I have code that inserts data for each first time visitor into a database using ORM. If that ORM statement is wrapped inside of a thread, the error happens 1/3 of the time. I remove the thread and it only happens every once and a while.

Obviously I am doing something wrong and apparently this isn’t happening to anyone else but I am at a point where I have to remove all ORM and go back to simple SQL INSERT/UPDATE/SELECT statements or try to find a way to fix the problem.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated. And If I have to pay someone to resolve the problem, I am open since I am desperate to fix this issue.

I am using ColdBox 3.5beta on multiple Operating Systems (Mac OSX, Linux CentOS, & Linux Ubuntu) with Tomcat 6 & 7 - all of which its happen. I am using the latest version of Railo

Here is what Michael @ Railo just updated in the most recent ticket.


does this help to narrow my issue down?

Jeremy R. DeYoung



This is our code:



// Call method

results = arguments.method(argumentCollection=arguments.argCollection);

// commit transaction



catch(Any e){

// remove pointer


// RollBack Transaction


//throw it




As you can see, it is a simple transaction block so it is not a native hibernate transaction, but a native CF transaction block.

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Everyone - I finally, with great assistance from Seth on the Railo Group, got resolution on an issue i’ve been having for 15 months now.


Basically my ORMService.save( entity ); would fail randomly.

Apparently if you add relaxAutoCommit=true to the JDBC string it resolves the issue. What used to happen every few seconds is now gone. In fact, I did a huge load test on one of my scripts and zero errors. Before I would have many thousand errors.

Just an FYI for anyone having the same issue of random JDBC/Hibernate Commit errors.

oh and to show you how excited I am to have this fix… I share with you the snoopy dance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5-Kyl5Bmx8 which I am now doing…go!