jQuery FileTree

I am trying to integrate a jquery file tree and I am having some issues. 1st I put all of the filemanager files into a folder named filemanager inside of /includes/ I have a filemanager handler and I have set the view to not use a layout

component {

public void function index(){



and here is my file manager view


The problem I am running into is this. In one of the scripts there is the following lines.

// Sets paths to connectors based on language selection.
var treeConnector = 'scripts/jquery.filetree/connectors/jqueryFileTree.' + lang;
var fileConnector = 'connectors/' + lang + '/filemanager.' + lang;
So when the template tries to load I get an error on the file tree side (see attachment) 
How can I get around these issues in a coldbox application? 

I am guessing that these "paths need to run through the remote connector or something, just not sure what to do.

Hi Dan
Might this code help you, below code is self explanatory :slight_smile:

Just put in your Application.cfc

That might help out thank you! I think I just have some pathing issues.

This would make a great module if I can figure it out :wink:

Thank You
Dan Vega

Use absolute paths for the includes, SESBaseUrl and HTMLBaseURL I am guessing is going to have more information than the applications root.

I would guess that the appMapping would be better to use here rather than what you are doing, as what you are doing might be something like this



Andrew Scott