Kicking the tires on CommandBox..getting an error with form post.


Can you try running a server forget and then removing the rewrite file pointer (the web.rewrites.config key) from your server.json file before you start the server again? Your rewrite rules are basically the default rewritesEnable rules, anyway.

I’m wondering if there’s a parsing issue with the .htaccess file by Tuckey that causing a translated route to be interpreted as static. Also, is there a real absolute path (or mapped path) on your machine to /security/processLogin/ from the root of where the server is starting?


Removing the rewrite file pointer seems to have done the trick.

Excellent. When you get a chance, could you zip up your .htaccess file, as is ( zip it up so that the encoding, whitespace, special characters, etc remains the same ) and send it to me at - or send it on CFML Slack to @jclausen?

Maybe there’s something that’s causing the mod_rewrite parsing to choke or misinterpret the file.