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Hi Folks,

I added bootswatch, made a weeks worth of modifications to the template.

It had 404 errors in it, I created a zip of the directory tree called

I deleted the layout, added it back and it deleted my backup file! :frowning:

I verified this by creating a copy of the zip.

Lesson learned, do not name a backup you want to keep the same as the layout, or move it to another location.

Is this a bug? Does it need a write up?


The remove layout from ContentBox, removes the entire directory. Was it inside?

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It removed the zip file I made to backup the changes I made in the layout directory. The zip was in /contentbox/layouts/

Iā€™m guessing the zip was overwritten when you reinstalled the layout. The ForgeBox service copies the zip into the target directory, unzips it, and then removes the zip. When it copied the new zip, it probably overwrote your backup one with the same name.



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Sounds right. I thought I had everything covered, then I got the lump in my throat ā€¦

I was able to get a restore from the nightly backup! :slight_smile: