Link a CB Page, wrong link

Hi guys,

I just linked a Page within a content store object. Now the link starts with the entry point of a module that I created… Why does it happen?

The page is a normal CB page.

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not sure if Understand, can you post your code.


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Hi Luis,

I try to give you a better example:

I go to “Content Store” and create a new entry: In the editor I click “Link To A ContentBox Page”. There I select a page “en/terms
So The “link” in the source is this: page:[en/terms]

Rendering this content store object now creates a wrong link:
Normally it should be: http://www.mysite/en/terms. But it creates a link like http://www.mysite/XXX/en/terms/

XXX is the name of a module I created. How does the entry point of my module get into that link?
Hope that it is clear what I mean.