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Hi there,

This may not be the right place to ask this but I'll forge ahead as I
know there are some very smart subscribers on here.

I am in the planning stages of a project that I wish to use coldbox
for but there are some requirements that I need to make sure coldbox
can cover.

The application is to have a main administration area that will the
creation of users and accounts for security purposes. It will:
- also allow the creation of sub-projects/sub-applications
- control via a webservice or similar access to sub-applications
- plus some other global stuff

My architecture question (and the answer might be to point me towards
a design anti-pattern :D) is how would I go about setting this up via
coldbox, given the following constraints:
- a user could be assigned access to multiple sub-applications
- each sub-application (apart from security which will be controlled
by the main app) should run independantly - different datasources,
application names etc.
- sub-applications might run on different physical servers
- sub-applications will be have a defined lifespan
- new sub-applications will be created over time

And there are probably a few more that I haven't been told about.

Firstly, is there anything in this setup that is just plain wrong? And
beyond that, any tips, hints, pointers to set this up right the first

Thanks in advance,

As long as all the sub applications can access a central repository that stores your security/user profiles you’re good. There is nothing about ColdBox (or any ColdFusion framework) that would make that difficult.

Does that make sense?


Thanks Aaron - I was pretty sure that it would be all OK but wanted to
sanity check it.

It will be my first decent size CB application so I'm very much
looking forward to it.