Linux, Apache and CF....issues

I have a Coldfusion application that was developed in a Windows/IIS
based environment using Coldbox 3.1.

When moved to a Linux based environment (which is running Coldfusion
with a connector to Apache) the application fails right away saying it
can't find any of the CFCs. I'ved looked for parts of the application
that have any specifications to local server paths, but I can't find

I have a feeling it's more of an issue with Apache because I put the
application on my local development (Mac, which is Unix based, no
Apache, just the built in CF webserver) and the application runs fine.

Any ideas? Anywhere I should start looking? Is the pathing different
because of Apache?

I appreciate any input on this.

Thank you

Another thing to take into consideration, is *nix us case sensitive as well.