Hi guys,

I just pushed to the development branch the first module completely localized for English, Spanish and Portuguese. This is the Security module. Any Germans or other language volunteers?

As you will see our push to localize ContentBox is under way. The next step is the Admin module, Installer and DSN creator. We will love collaboration on this.

We are placing our i18n bundles in each module respectively and loaded via the new i18n resource bundle support for modules. To add your language, just fork and do a pull request with the appropriate bundle for each module.

The admin is a big push, so whatever help you can offer that is great :slight_smile:


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Great news, I can contribute the german part.

To test and find the right words for the german resource bundle, if have to update my ContentBox installation with the development build first, right?


Can you please convert all CF files into Unicode with BOM via Unifier? Do you want me to do that?

I will also test the latest version again. Since we had lots of other issues before.

I would also help to localize into other languages such as Turkish or German.


I could translate in italian.

Hi Oğuz. Yes if you can do that that will be great. I made sure the files are UTF8