Log files wrong date formats

Might be ok for you guys who live in a backwards world, however for those of us who live in the real world we need the dates in the real date format.

Any chance the log files can be stored with lsDateFormat or some setting in the config.cfc that we can set the local with?


you could mod it yourself -- line 76 of coldbox/system/logging/

entry =

... or better still just extend that CFC to implement your own logger
(and override the logMessage method). Just specify the extended
appender in your coldbox config and you're done. You could even make
it look at a coldbox setting to decide on the date mask if you were
feeling creative.

You could call it RealWorldAsyncFileAppender.

I was asking for an enhancement not just for me but everyone else, who lives in the present.

I think it is a small change that CB can easily add, and yes I am aware that I can do this myself. That was not what I was asking for though.

You can always try git pull requests that we can consider.

Are you going for 40-grit today Andrew?

Oobi, for what it’s worth, that is not all necessary to customize the logging layout-- you don’t need to sub-class the appender itself. Create a layout cfc which extends coldbox.system.logging.layout and override the “format” method. It receives the logEvent object and you can return whatever string you want which will be what is actually logged in the file.
Then specify that layout in your config. (This means you can use different layouts for the same appender if you declare it multiple times.

logBox = {
	appenders = {
		appenderName = {
</strong>	},

It’s all in the docs.

Andrew, submit a pull request.


Hmm, you have me lost there Brad.

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Your E-mail was abrasive and rapidly removed my desire to help you.


Oh Brad, what are you saying you don’t like to be referred to as living in the past?

And how is it abrasive, you Americans get so stuck up when someone points out to you that you are not the center of the universe, and that other countries have different formats.

So what I asked for is just a setting that I can say

And the system will know that I want the date formatted in Federation time. Maybe a bit harsh to expect ColdBox to know how to deal with that date and time format, but the point is that it is a simple request that is very desirable, to all of us who actually live outside of the USA.

Interesting - thanks for the tip!

Then you’d have a whole stack of upset Klingons to deal with.

JE! You guys are funny!

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I think your request is an exellent idea. I’m just encouraging you to work on your delivery.

I assume you participate in this forum because want help/input with ColdBox. Luckily I’m not offended easily so I just chuckled at your E-mail. However, in general, you’ll probably get better responses when you don’t start out by insulting everyone. You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar…