Log messages after update to Coldbox 3-Beta2

Hello Coldbox Gurus,

We have updated our application from Coldbox 2.6.3 to 3 Beta2 - Every
works fine.

The only thing is we now have following log entrys in our logfiles:
- Bean :CustomerSession was not found. Definition={SCOPE={},NAME=

In the SecurityService we have a 2 methods:

<cfcomponent extends="BaseService" output="false" cache="true"
cacheTimeout="0" autowire="true">
  <cfproperty name="sessionStore"
type="coldbox:plugin:sessionstorage" scope="instance">

<cffunction name="setCustomerSession" access="public" output="false"
    <cfargument name="objCustomer" required="yes" type="any" hint="put
customer into current session">
     instance.sessionStore.setVar("customer", arguments.objCustomer);
     instance.sessionStore.setVar("isCustomer", true );

<cffunction name="getCustomerSession" access="public" output="false"
     return instance.sessionStore.getVar("customer", "");

We use coldspring to load our model objects:
instance.SecurityService = getPlugin("ioc").getBean

In the coldbox.cfm.xml the <SetterInjection> is set to false.
I thought if I turn off the setterinjection than the problem is solved
- but does not.

Is this a bug or have i misinterpret something?
How can we do to avoid this log entrys?

Best thanks in advance,