logbox categories - what am i missing

I'm using coldbox 3.m5 with coldfusion 8.

I'm trying to have a module loaded into coldbox have its logger log
into a different file. So I have setup two Appenders, one for the
main coldbox app and one for the module, i have the root logging to
the main log file - working great!

Now I'm trying to add a category to log only a certain model in a
module, directly below... The category i got from tracing the
#getMetadata(this).name# out within the model.

logBox.categories["sandbox.cbTestModule.model.model11"] = { levelMin =
"DEBUG", levelMax = "FATAL", appenders="cbTestModuleLog"};

Unfortunately, the module's logger is still logging to the main sites
log or appender "cbTestSiteLog"..

Am I missing something?

** FULL logBoxConfig **
  logBox = {
    appenders = {
      cbTestSiteLog = {
      cbTestModuleLog = {
      ColdBoxTracerAppender = {
    root = {
  logBox.categories = StructNew();
  logBox.categories["coldbox.system"] = { levelMin = "OFF", levelMax =
  logBox.categories["sandbox.cbTestModule.model.model11"] = { levelMin
= "DEBUG", levelMax = "FATAL", appenders="cbTestModuleLog"};

More information.

I'm injecting the logger into the MODEL with
<cfproperty name="logger" type="coldbox:plugin:logger"

and when i trace the following inside my model where logger is
variables.instance.logger.tracer("#variables.instance.logger.getLogger().getCategory()#") /

i get "cbTestSite"

any ideas?

Hmm, it should work like that, as long as the category class matches the class path. How are you getting the logger in your model?

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