LogBox for Auditing

Has anyone used LogBox or a configured/customized version of logBox to
provide audit trail of an application?

In case this is not enough to spark a conversation, I'm looking at
having a centralized audit logging module that provides a way for a
developer to code in changes that are occurring to data within the
system and who or what did it. So for example, when a staff member
changes the active flag on a article record, so that would be an
auditLog against system data. But then also provide the same auditing
against customer's data. So for example, a Staff member resets the
customers password, i would like it audited saying the staff reset the
password for user xyz.

I know log box can do this based on a "message" logging system, but
provide horrible data recovery from this making an audit trail
worthless (for example tell me everything that change for customer xyz
between 12am and 2pm on 12/12/12).

I would like to see logBox be configured for additional fields added
to the debug,error, warning, info functions. That way it provides
separate index able fields. But based on the documentation, I am not
sure if logBox has this out of the box :-\

So for example, I'm looking at the following fields to log to audit
trail (not sure where each data element will come from yet).

- auditLog * based on logBox this would be defaulted to application
name, but i could see multiple auditlogger per CB configuration due to
modules *
- userObject (interface needed)
- PK of row edited
- TableDescriptor of row being edited
- message
- extra message
- applicationServer logging
- date Logged
- client Machine
- severity level (same as logbox)

Anyways, any one doing anything similar to this?