Logbox in 3.0

trying to get logbox working on coldbox 3.0 but I am having
difficulties. All I want to log is a simple message if a condition
happens. This is how I am setting up my logger but I am getting
errors. It has something to do with the props line.. Am I setting this
up ok?

    config =
    props = {filePath='/logs',fileName='Test'};
    logBox =

this seems to have solved it. I changed the props section to like
this. but this may be a hack.. Is this ok like this?

  props = structnew();
        props.filePath = "/logs";
  props.fileName = "/Test";
properties=props );

Also. If I want to use 1 logger globally, should I set this in the
application scope? Is this a best practice?

Are you using LogBox within a ColdBox application or on another ColdFusion app?

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Within a coldbox app.

Coldbox 3 or 2 app?