Looking for a small CRUD example without ORM

Hi, I'm looking for a small CRUD example using Coldbox without an
ORM. I've used CF since version 4.5 but never used any OOP or ORM.
I've looked over the various SimpleBlog examples but the extra element
of Transfer isn't helping my learning curve as I search for <CFQUERY>
tags so I can try to figure out how/where data access should be placed
within the framework.

Hoping someone has such an app or tutorial out there they can point me
to. Thanks very much for any help in advance.


Hi Brad,

Check coldbox sample applications.


Thanks for the reply. I've looked at those apps, specifically the
SimpleBlog examples but they all seem to use Transfer and I can't seem
to wrap my head around all that and was hoping someone had something
more simple out there.

I’ll try to get some simple proof of concept code together for you asap. I know how challenging it can be to dissect apps sometimes. :slight_smile:

That would be awesome Doug. It doesn't have to be much, I'm just
looking for something that shows where queries should go. I was
reading through the various versions of the SimpleBlog and would find
spots where I suspected a query should be but of course, it was using
Transfer functions for the data stuff and I just wasn't sure where the
queries are supposed to go. It could even just READ from the DB and
Output the results. Then I'd be forced to complete the Create,Update
and Delete portions. :wink: