Lucee compatibility

Lucee (and Railo before it) have a large number of configurable options in the Admin that break with ACF. I am wondering if changing any of them would have adverse effects on Coldbox? Most obviously would not, but certain ones such as full null support, scope cascading, Application listener, etc. come to mind - I am not so sure?

ColdBox is not compatible with every Lucee setting:

ColdBox doesn’t work with Lucee complete Null support

  1. COLDBOX-202

Support Lucee strict variable mode

  1. COLDBOX-162

People ask now and again about these settings, but I’ve found very few people seem to actually use them and even fewer care to take the effort to submit a pull request for them :slight_smile:



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Thanks for pointing those out, Brad. That’s enough info to know to forget about it for now.

It’s kind of a chicken-and-egg thing… for instance, I do use a few of these settings on some projects that I don’t use Coldbox with - and can plan accordingly.

However, I am reluctant to try to migrate any older code - or even start anything greenfield - with Coldbox using these settings as I wouldn’t want to get stuck with an incompatibility after a ways into the project and find out it’s an issue somewhere deep in the CB code.

But of course, I completely understand that if not enough people are interested in these new settings, it doesn’t make sense to expend any effort into accounting for them… especially where that effort may be rather large! I had just thought that with Ortus’s tight relationship with LAS (i.e. both you and Luis on the TAG, etc.) that there might be more plans on the block for this kind of support, or .lucee/.lc support, etc.

Again: we don’t need it - but if it were there - we’d play with it and start migrating some CFML projects toward it. As is, fewer and fewer of our projects are cfml based anyways, so whaddyagonnado…



Coldbox-4 Support Lucee strict variable mode and also struct keep original notation.

Let us know if there any problem.