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Title: ColdBox 2.0.0 Beta Build 493
Thread: ColdBox 2.0.0 Beta Build 493
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Well, Ladies and Gentleman, another beta roundup. This beta includes FULL
BlueDragon Support as of version 6.2.X So all you BlueDragon users and fans,
this one is for you!!

You can take a look at the following link for some know

I also
changed the registration mechanisms to a more java oriented recursion and it
works great. A few fixes also to some sample applications and more
documentation. Ohh, it also includes the OpenSearch plugin and a new ColdBox

So enjoy this beta. Also as a tease, the next beta will include the
ColdBox Dashboard (FINALLY!!) Well, it takes time, so give me a break. I am
porting it to JQuery, so that is why it takes so long.


Enjoy this
beta and leave your comments and suggestions here.