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Title: Datetime odd issue
Thread: Datetime odd issue
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User: tyman

I'm having an odd issue, and I'm hoping it's something I'm doing wrong.

I am
trying to edit a 'contact' record, which consists of basic user information, as
well as a datetime field called dLastLogin (datetime/nullable).

When I run
this code:

<cfset tObj = rc.Transfer.get("Contacts.Contacts",
<cfset getPlugin("beanFactory").populateBean(tObj)>
<cfset a =>

I get this error:
[Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver]The value, 0100-01-01 00:00:00.0, is outside
the range allowed by the SQL Server.

Any ideas? The contactID I am editting
has a null value for dLastLogin, and that is the only datetime field in this

Thanks for any help