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Title: Dynamic folder configurations
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I just ran into ColdBox and it looks so good it has me in a dilemna. I was going
to start developing an app using a custom MVC framework I developed. But now I'm
tempted to just use ColdBox. However, I have certain requirements that I want to
check on and I can't waste a lot of time looking for answers so I thought it was
quickest to ask. Essentially, I will be building one app, but it will really be
3 apps. It's just that the entry point is the same. Multiple domains will point
to the same server/folder and depending on the domain one of three types of app
could be used. The way my framework allowed this was that I could dynamically
set the folder paths for controllers/helpers/views. So on each request I would
configure it to prepend a certain folder that would essentially be my app type.
That was I can develop things as one app, but keep the code neatly separated. Is
there a way I can do this with ColdBox, or is the static settings.xml the only
option right now? And if so, is there another approach you could recommend that
would allow me to achieve my goal using ColdBox? Thanks in advance, and congrats
on what is surely a great framework, it's the fist CF web dev framework that
I'm super excited about.