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First of all, as per the docs:

In your
application's config folder create a component and name it Lightwire.cfc [or
beanConfig.cfc]. This is your LightWire configuration bean and it needs to
extend coldbox.system.extras.lightwire.BaseConfigObject. The only difference
between this base config object and the one shipped by LightWire is that it has
an extra method so you can interact with ColdBox. This is transparent to the

The LightWire component used by ColdBox is located at
config.system.extras.lightwire.LightWire. This is a setting that exists in the
framework's settings.xml file. The ioc plugin uses this setting in order to know
which IoC framework to use and how to invoke it. If you would like to use
another location for the LightWire factory, you will have to change the
LightWireBeanFactory setting in the settings.xml.

Hope this helps