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Maybe i will try to elaborate how my thinking is going.

What i would really
like is to be able to create couple of applications based on Coldbox. This is
easily possible, just do it by creating separate dirs with whole coldbox

But, what i also need is ability to share model, plugins,
session scope, application scope, client scope, includes. I would really like to
have different configs for applications (or subapplications). It would be great
for example to have one major config for all apps (with basic dsn entries etc),
but different preHandlers, postHandlers, for subapplication (so different
subconfigs that would override main config only in some parts).

I am not
saying this is not possibile right now, it needs some additional coding.
I like
Oscar idea very much. It would gave us a possibility to create more flexible

Lets for example assume we have a company that is selling
"coldThingies". A coldThingie can be bought by an individual as well
as by other company. Difference is that normal client will buy one or two
coldThings, while a company can purchase them in thousands.

Because we are a
pros, we want to have an application that will allow us to sell our coldies via
internet. This is why we need a web application that has a following features :
a) Web presentation
b) Shop for simple detailed purchases.
c) Corporate user
area (for larger clients)
d) Customer Support area.

We can easily assume that
all theese applications will be link through Database, while layout, login
type,some parts of database can be completely different (Corporate area
credentials will be stored in different table, corporates will have a
partnership bonuses etc).

What i would like to see in the future in coldbox is
a possibility to build a one big solution with several subapplications that
would share only some parts of the code.


PS.: I hope you don't mind
that i post a lot lately. I am just starting to develop some applications in CF
and have the experience in other languages. So after looking for a decent
framework i chose Coldbox. So you will probably hear from me a lot more :smiley: