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Hi Luis,

Ohhh I really missed my point I did not check content before posting.
Now let me explain; I have many CFCs in my onAppInit mehtod, to be intiliased at
start-up. What I am looking is to load them every time I do a request, because
at the moment any changes in those CFC does not take effect even appending
fwreinit=1 in URL.

here is my config.xml
name="HandlersIndexAutoReload" value="true" />
<!--Flag to auto reload the config.xml settings. False for production. -->
<Setting name="ConfigAutoReload" value="true"
    <!--Flag to cache handlers. Default if left blank is true. -->
<Setting name="HandlerCaching" value="false"/>

onAppInt() should be called every time on each request. Have a look to
my config settings but at the moment onAppInit method does not seems to called
on each request.