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I also want to clarify something after reading my post (sorry, can't edit

I have to say this is true in the CF world; open-source is not very

open. It is always one guy who sometimes adds suggestions.

In this case,
clearly this hasn't been a problem because Luis has done everything himself but
amazingly well! I hope it didn't sound that way. I was just thinking about how
best to invite others to contribute and take the load off Luis in the future.
I also wanted to add that this site looks great and is easy to read, whereas the
black Coldbox site is tough to read. I hate black websites, they don't look
friendly. I hope you use these clear colors on that site. Plus cold=blue anyway.
Maybe a little logo like the one file attached: coveys the name, and a
"framework," and how things go through Coldbox, and changes depending how you
look at it! I'm not a real graphics person so just a concept for you. Slogan:
"Coldbox: make of it what you will"

In English that's a pretty good slogan
actually :slight_smile: