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Actually, what I meant is that if the framework already provides the means to
achieve something then it should not be artificially extended to do the same
thing. Just like the case of recording the last event requested, there are a
million constructs that are helpful in lots of situations, but that alone does
not warrant the introduction of new features since then it will render the
platform "unstable" by definition, because the tendency would be to
add more methods/functions/features for everything someone thinks is useful.

mentioned this to Luis before, and I think now is a good time to mention it
again. Coldbox's greatest contribution is the modularity and structure that it
brings to the application. It is this feature that should be leveraged by the
creation of a separate repository of constructs that can be used when building
Coldbox applications, a repository that should live independently of the main
development trunk of the actual framework. A catalog of plugins, reusable event
handlers, patterns, eventHandler/views combinations, etc. Something that can
grow and people can benefit from it without having to wait for the next release
of Coldbox. Allowing this avenue for growth will in turn make the actual
framework much more stable since it will no longer need to change to incorporate
these features unto itself.

Ok, I think I went way off-topic. I shut up now.