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Hi alex.
The answer is YES. We actually do this at work. What you need to do is
refactor the codebase according to an installation path. For example, lets say
we create a folder on the server called "frameworks" and we put our different
versions of frameworks there.


--+ coldbox_2_03


--+ coldbox_2_10

   >--+ coldbox.system

So you put the core
of the framework in each version folder. So now to use each version, you just
change the path in your include and your extends.


<cfcomponent name="myHandler"

That way you can go back and forth on different versions. I recommend you read
the following guide:

explains how to refactor the codebase according to your installation needs. It
is also great for when you a new version comes out, you can just change the
include and the extend options and test out.

Out of curiosity, which versions
are you running? That you get where it doesn't like the new version.? Always
remember that when you do a framework upgrade, you need to clean the application
scope for that application. Or if using template caching, restarting the CF