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For the short term we actually just upgraded the ColdBox installation
on that server to 2.0.3 and both applications seem to be doing fine.

In the
long term the cbRefactoringGuide is exactly what I was looking for. In my
office we're all kind of starting out with frameworks and different people are
trying different ones on different projects. Exciting for now, but between the
different application frameworks, ORMs, IOC frameworks and various versions of
each, things could get complicated in the future. So it would be nice to try to
keep things organized from the beginning. :slight_smile:

To answer your question, I
developed my application on my local machine using CB 2.0.3. The older
application on the server was using 2.0.0. When I copied my app to the server,
it complained that it couldn't find the config.xml.cfm file (mine is named
coldbox.xml.cfm). I set the COLDBOX_CONFIG_FILE variable in index.cfm but it
didn't seem to help. I might have been doing something else wrong, but now the
error isn't a concern since everything is working after swapping in CB 2.0.3. I
still plan on using the refactoring guide though!