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Hi pwp

Well, the difference between AOP and cb plugins, is that AOP is
unobtrusive to your code. That means, that you do not specifically call all the
log methods from your code, but they are intercepted by your AOP proxy. Now,
you can actually use CB plugins as AOP devices if you are using coldpsring.
With coldbox 2.0.2 I included a coldboxfactory.cfc which can be used from
withing coldspring as a factory bean. So you can inject the logging plugin or
any other plugin you have and create AOP objects. This is really advanced
stuff, but if you are looking into something along those lines, you can do this.
So basically, if you go the AOP route with coldspring, then you can use the
coldboxFactory to create your core or custom plugins or you can build your
objects from scratch for AOP. If you do not mind the plugin code in your
handlers, etc. Then go straight with plugins. The AOP choice of course is the
more cleaner and elegant, but the more complex solution.

Does this guide you
somewhat, or I sound like a total retard?