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Like Luis said, using AOP is the more advanced and transparent approach.
Now, the deciding factor here I think is how much object-oriented your
application really is. AOP comes from the object oriented world and therefore
thats where it really shines.

From what I understand of what you wanted, in
order for you to benefit from AOP, your application needs to rely on a solid
domain model that includes all your use cases. What I mean is that if your
application will be using your event handlers for the entire logic and then rely
on your model cfcs maybe just as gateways to the database, then AOP will not be
of much use to you since probably all the interesting stuff that you will want
to either log or apply security will happen at the event handler level anyway.
Now, if you are depending on the event handlers for much of your business logic
and application flow, then you may also use the same AOP approach, but directly
on coldbox by using the idea of the interceptors which I know Luis is working