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The only problem I see on placing all the objects on session is memory
exhaustion. However, that all depends on your load and resources.

This is
becoming more an architectural and design issues than anything else, tied to
your requirements. Maybe you could have a proxy factory that would be your
entry point. You could send to that proxy factory the application (datasource)
and the needed object. This factory could then return to you the needed objects
already configured with this datasource.

Man, there are so many ideas that
come to mind. I would take a step back and see what I can work with that is
elegant and encapsulated. The idea is for you to ask for a set of objects
configured for certain user choice. You would be configuring objects on the
fly. Are there many applications? If not, maybe you can create a collection of
application objects that could be asked for. If I think of something else, I'll
write it down.

In conclusion, I think that ColdBox can help you leverage your
solution only when you come up with a strategy for your model. The tools are
there to help you persist and configure the objects. The strategy, well, that is
the hard part.

Hope this helps